In DIscIplIne: A VIew from the European SIde

Society of Ethnomusicology‘nin öğrenci çalışma grubu (SEM Student Union), Avrupa ve çevre ülkelerdeki etnomüzikoloji öğrencileriyle bir mülakat dizisine başladı; ilk görüşmecileri de bendim. Mülakat hem Türkçe hem de İngilizce olarak yayınlandı:

SEM Student Union

The SEM Student Union blog is very excited to introduce In Discipline: Talks from the European Side. Initiated by Ana Maria Alarcon Jimenez, this project interviews students from various European universities. The students were asked to share their thoughts on their views of ethnomusicology and how those views are fostered by their home institutions; what major theories or issues they are tackling in their research; and whether the regional economic crisis impacts their lives as students, their research, and/or their future academic aspirations.

The students responded to a questionnaire with answers in both English and either their native language or their academic language (not every student we interview is going to school in their home country). Both languages will be posted as part of this project. In Discipline will try to offer a broad picture which includes countries both within and beyond the borders of the current European Union.

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